Spanish Bombs Rock the Province

the end of the world news

Posted in news by mrkd on 30 March 2008

I’ve always been slightly convinced that the great disaster on the horizon won’t necessarily be an act of aggression: it could just be a big mistake. And apparently I’m not the only one, because a couple of guys are trying to keep the Large Hadron Collider from replicating the Big Bang because they think it might create a black hole that will swallow the Earth. I’m all about science — I love the monkey brain robot — but I’m almost feeling a little Mennonite-ish about recreating the Big Bang in Geneva. Shouldn’t we be doing that on the moon or something?



An’ I want to move the town to the Clash City Rockers

Posted in personal by mrkd on 24 March 2008

So I had this blog before, this very blog, but I destroyed it utterly and now — now — I’m starting again.

Here’s an incredible fan-made video for Spanish Bombs that matches actual footage of the Spanish Civil War with Joe Strummer’s lyrics. The song has always broken my heart. Oh, and if you aren’t familiar, don’t freak out when you see the marching fascists: this is not about them, but rather the hope of the Republic (trenches full of poets, the ragged army) who stood against them, who marched and or ganized when the military took control, the artists and artisans who fought a hopeless battle to maintain representative government and oppose glorified monarchy.